Watch The Game Jokingly Mention Drake When Tossing Fan’s Bra Back Into Crowd

As fans will recall, Drake recently appeared in a slew of bra-based headlines thanks to his It's All a Blur tour.

Video via TMZ

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Video via TMZ

A tossed bra during a performance by The Game was not met with the same reaction seen in the recent series of bra-related Drake headlines.

In footage shared by TMZ on Tuesday, Game can be seen inspecting the bra in question while performing at the Garden Amp in Orange County. After holding up the red bra amid cheers from the crowd, Game briefly paused his performance to make a playful mention of Drake.

"I seen somebody throw, like, a bra this big at Drake and then — I seen it on the internet—it changed her life," he told the audience before asking whose bra had made it to the stage.

From there, Game returned the bra to the crowd before offering a parting compliment.

"Whatever fits in them motherf-ckers is very suckable," he said.

As for matters of Drake, the latest in brassiere news centered on the "Summer Games" sequel denier urging fans in the Los Angeles area to refrain from bra-tossing due to the presence of his son, Adonis.

"I can't talk about titties tonight," Drake joked during a recent performance at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, adding that his son was "at the show for the first time ever."

Days earlier in New York, a fan threw a 36L bra on the stage, prompting Drake to ask the audience member a question.

“How many letters does it go up to?” he said at the time. “What comes after?”

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