Talib Kweli on Kanye's Pro-Trump Tweets: 'He’s Putting Targets on Our Backs'

Talib Kweli, a frequent critic of West's Trumpland residency, says his former collaborator's tweets are "dangerous."


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Engaging with intellectual emptiness of the Alex Jones variety is almost certainly never a good idea, but at least this particular exchange resulted in some sound criticism of Kanye West's apparent re-return to Trumpland.

Talib Kweli, who just last October publicly expressed his eagerness to resume work on a West-assisted project, said late Wednesday that West was "putting targets on our backs" with his recently "dangerous" Twitter presence. Kweli's assessment arrived in the form of an Instagram caption for a screenshot of an apparent Jones cult member's tweet. The account itself has since been suspended.

Over on Twitter, which banned the actual Jones last year, Kweli responded to a selection of resulting comments from the type of people who put American flag emoji and descriptions like "PROUD FATHER/CONSERVATIVE/CHRIST-FOLLOWER" in their Twitter bios. Here are a few examples of that going down:

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West had us all convinced that he was aware he had been "used" by the Trump machine with a series of near-apology tweets back in October. Overexcitement resulted in practically everyone failing to give enough attention to the fact that West didn't specifically mention Trump even once during the series of tweets in question, which is why West's latest related remarks—namely, his 2019 opener "Trump all day"—landed with more of an exhausted thud than a bang.

Prior to the October 2018 fakeout, Kweli described West's reckless embrace of Trumpism as a direct hindrance to their ability to continue collaborating.

Indeed, much has changed since Kweli and West linked for the classic College Dropout cut "Get 'Em High." Let's cry together.

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