Southside to Russ: 'Don't Speak on Black Producers at All'

Russ blamed producers for "the state of hip-hop," a comment that has of course resulted in backlash.

After being dubbed "whack in spirit" by Metro Boomin, Russ is now receiving the ire of fellow ATL beatsmith Southside.

"Don't speak on black producers at all, and I'm gonna say this shit the last time because you're not black, don't speak on black producers, bro," Southside said during a recent Instagram Live session. "Saying that there are no more Dr. Dres, there are no more Timbalands, there are no more this, there are no more that. You're right, n***a. There are no more of them at all. All those n***as you speaking on are 50 years or better. They are the OGs, we respect them, but music has changed and it has shifted. You sound stupid, bro."

As you likely recall, Russ—way back in January 2017—said "you gotta blame the producers" for "the state of hip-hop" today. "If a producer sends me a pack of 20 beats, and they're all wack and they all sound the same, I'm just fucked," he said at the time. "I gotta pick the best of the worst."

Frank Dukes, Cardo Got Wings, TM88, Waka Flocka, Sango, London on da Track, and others have also rightfully slammed Russ for his dumbass comments about blaming producers. In a concise tweet of disapproval, London said simply "Fucking Russ idiot." For Cardo, Russ' "Walt Disney bars" prove he "still puts pizza rolls in the microwave."

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