Identity of Rihanna's Pool Makeout Partner Reportedly Revealed

Very important news here. Tell everyone you know.

Image via Getty/James Devaney/Contributor

As expected, Tuesday's late-breaking news of Rihanna making out with a mystery individual in a pool attached to a "posh villa" in Spain has been followed with claims of the mystery individual being identified.

Traditionally unreliable and wildly melodramatic publications such as the Scaly Fail are claiming that the person pictured in the makeout photos who isn't Rihanna is none other than Hassan Jameel, a 29-year-old Saudi businessman. 

Hassan is apparently the deputy president and vice chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel, a family business that owns distribution rights for Toyota vehicles in Saudi Arabia. The family's wealth is estimated to be $1.5 billion, a hefty sum that will reportedly be inherited by Hassan in the future.

Prior to this alleged identification, TMZsaid the person seen making out in that aforementioned "posh villa" pool "might be" Rihanna’s new boyfriend. But who said everyone you make out with has to become your significant other? Who makes these rules? What fucking year is it?

Anyway, here are the widely circulated pool photos in question:

Hopefully, none of this hoopla prevents Rihanna from continuing to offer fans breakup advice via Twitter DMs:

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