Ray J Hit With $30 Million Scooter Lawsuit

If this thing results in court appearances, Ray J better roll in on a scooter.

Ray J

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Ray J

Alleged thievery of scooter-based ideas has reportedly resulted in a lawsuit for Ray J. The lawsuit, which I'm sure is heartbreaking to legions of Ray J and/or scooter innovation fans, was first reported by TMZ Thursday as though any aspect of it is actually important.

Someone by the name of Jean Paul is alleging that he and Ray J spoke about "firing up a business to market electric scooter bikes" back in 2015. Paul argues that Ray's "celebrity" could be helpful in pushing the scooter to the masses. Additionally, Paul claims in the $30 million suit, Ray agreed to become both an investor and an endorser. This agreement helped Paul launch the business, only to later be "shocked" by Ray J "secretly" launching a competing scooter-based business. Paul, for what it's worth, is reportedly a self-described "trendsetter, nature lover, and bike aficionado."

Anyway, there's footage of Ray J on the Raytroniks-backed Scoot-E-Bike below these two sentences. Watch it or don't.

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"Companies have been trying to promote this style of electric bikes for about two years now, and nobody was able to impact America," Ray J toldMashable during a May 2016 interview. "I first saw this kind of bike in Miami, and then we did our due diligence and started studying [similar] bikes in China. Then we took the bike across the country and started to talk to tastemakers just to see if someone was already ahead of the game. But no one had ever seen [this kind of] electric bike. So after seeing the way the bike made people feel, we immediately began building the company around this product."

At the time of this embattled writing, Ray J had not publicly commented on these scooter-related legal developments. If this thing results in court appearances, he'd better roll in on a scooter.

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