Here's Why Pusha-T's Not Worried About Drake's Response to "The Story of Adidon"

Exactly how surgical can this summer get?

The past couple weeks have been packed to the brim with Pusha-T content. No complaints here, as DAYTONA is arguably an instant classic that we'll be talking about for years to come.

On Thursday, Pusha-T hit the airwaves for back-to-back radio chats with Big Boy's Neighborhood and The Cruz Show. Pusha discussed everything you would think he would given the events of the past few days, including his current thoughts on Drake's possible post-"Story of Adidon" move.

Early into his discussion with Big Boy, Pusha reaffirmed that he isn't worried at all. "Ain't no skeletons with me," Pusha said. "I don't have none." He also explained that his issues with Drake were all "sport" until Drake mentioned his fiancée Virginia Williams in his "Duppy Freestyle" response to DAYTONA.


Now, as Pusha has stated before, all boundaries have been tossed out the window. Pusha further explained that he specifically has a problem with Drake's lack of public remarks regarding black issues, his appearance in that widely publicized blackface photo that landed on the "Adidon," and ghostwriting. Speaking on Drake's explanation of the photo, Pusha said he "doesn't believe it at all" due to Drake's public behavior. "You are silent on all black issues," he said.

Later, Pusha was asked about Kanye West's untitled new album, due tonight at midnight. Though Pusha firmly disagrees with West's recent bullshit-laden comments about Trumpism, he promised fans will get clarity with these new songs.

"I love how he messages in his message, and in my music," he said. "The line [in 'What Would Meek Do'] about the MAGA hat? I believe he asked a question, 'If you ain't driving while black, do they stop you?' And then he asked the other question, 'Will MAGA hats let me slide like a drive-thru?' I feel like, when Ye's album comes out, he's gonna address his true perspective. I feel like he's saying, 'Man, I deal with the issues, so is this hat gonna help me?'" Fans and critics alike, he added, will "get all the answers you're looking for. "

Just, presumably, don't expect a Drake feature.

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