People Won't Stop Leaving Birthday Wishes for Drake All Over Meek Mill's Instagram

The world is a cold, dark, and ultimately quite ruthless place.

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Though Meek Mill presumably didn't grab Drake a birthday gift this year, the 6 God's 29th year is currently being celebrated all across Meek's Instagram page because people are cruel and generally have absolutely zero chill. Those well-versed in the history of Meek's 'gram being spammed with Drake references will most certainly recall that time people couldn't stop dumping What a Time to Be Alive diamonds into the comments, but this "Happy Birthday!" onslaught almost seems more severe:

Meek appeared to reignite the beef in Philadelphia on Friday, giving the Powerhouse 2015 audience the distinct pleasure of hearing his thoughts on Drake's "girl's tour" line from "Back to Back" and those undeniable dance moves from the recently released "Hotline Bling" video.

Is this battle about to enter another round?

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