JCPenney Wants Drake to Call Them on Their Cell Phone


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Drake's "Hotline Bling" jokes are aplenty on Twitter dot com, and JCPenney, surprisingly, is the latest to jump on the Drake train. It started when @GeorgeFoster72 tweeted out this autumnal pic of Aubrey with some serious '90s JCPenney catalog swagger:

90's JC Penny Catalog swagger

Then JCPenney's Twitter account took a break from its series of rather humorless tweets to get in on an off-brand but fire hotline joke:

It's never too late. You can call us on our cell phone, @Drake. 1-800-JCPBLING.

Unforch, I just tried calling 1-800-JCPBLING for real and it did not work. JCP, you gonna leave Drake hanging like that?

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