Nicki Minaj and Funk Flex Hash Out Their Differences in 80-Minute Interview

Nicki Minaj continues her 'Queen' tour with a stop at the Hot 97 offices for an extended interview with Funk Flex. The two hash out their differences, as well as discuss the new album and her dedication to the pen.

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Nicki Minaj sat down with Funk Flex Tuesday for an 80-minute interview in which the two, among other things, discussed their past differences and seemingly put them to rest for good.

Right at the top, Flex said the two were "fresh off having big problems," a characterization with which Minaj didn't totally agree. "You weren't seeing eye to eye with me," she told Flex, who backed off his criticism from April and said Minaj had proven him wrong. "I had no clue what you was mad at it. ... I would put it in a different way." Minaj added that she felt some of Flex's past comments were unwarranted attacks, an approach she has noticed across New York radio.

"It felt more than about my music," Minaj said. "I don't know why, but for some reason, and I notice it a lot with people from New York or on New York radio, it seems like, when they have an issue with me, it's more than just music." After Flex clarified that he felt she had previously gotten "lazy" with her music, Minaj continued.


"I'm never mad when people give me constructive criticism. ... I accept things like that," she said. "I have an issue when the criticism seems like it's personal or from a bad place and since I know so many things that are going on behind the scenes that other people don't know. I know there's a lot of people getting paid to voice those opinions."

Around the 36-minute mark, Flex broached the topic of Safaree and others who continue to try to undermine her credibility as a songwriter instead of acknowledging that she respects the pen. "I write not only raps, but I write songs," she said. "When you listen to 'Chun-Li,' when you listen to 'Coco Chanel,' when you listen to 'Good Form,' these records are written entirely by me. These records are not even a chorus given to me... I've always been doing this. I've always been doing this, Flex."

Nicki also put Safaree on blast for taking what she did for him in the past for granted. "How dare you bite the hand that feeds you."

Safaree responded to the topic on Twitter:

Unless I really cared still I could not let the mention of someone's name get me that riled up. That looks like some1 who either stlll cares or just holding on to a lot of hate towards someone. How many times have I said I never wrote ur raps? Nobody even talks about that anymore

— @IAMSAFAREE (@IAMSAFAREE) August 14, 2018

Minaj and Flex also discussed JAY-Z's advice about being held to a "higher accountability" when you're successful, the new album Queen, and much more. Catch the full interview above.

Over the weekend, Flex hinted at what was to come with the premiere of Minaj's non-album track "Sorry" featuring Nas.

Minaj also had a chat with friend DJ Clue on Monday night, during which she detailed her first experience with weed and revealed she's currently dating someone, though that's certainly none of anyone's business. "I just think that nobody needs to know about who I'm dating anymore because in the beginning of my career I was so tight-lipped about who I was dating and everything was just better off like that," she around the six-minute mark in the video below. "The minute you start talking about that, that overshadows everything else. ... No more public stuff."

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