Is Mike Dean Hinting at Something New From Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Pusha T, and Hudson Mohawke? (UPDATE)

Mike Dean kept it mysterious on Twitter, sending fans into a speculative frenzy on some possible Kanye x Kendrick x Pusha x La Flame heat.

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UPDATE 09/27/15:

Mike Dean has stepped up to hilariously crush the hearts of all the thirsty ones out there, confirming that no such collaboration is in the works, despite his previous (mysterious) tweet: 

See original thirst from 09/26/15 below.

Mike Dean, in case you somehow missed the memo, is by far one of the most interesting figures in hip-hop to follow on Twitter and/or Instagram. He's also quite good at dumping some playful fuel into the speculation fire surrounding fans' constant obsession with overwhelmingly stacked collaborations. On Friday, the same night as Kanye West's first 808s & Heartbreak show at the Hollywood Bowl, Dean unleashed the following gem:

The general response, of course, could best be summarized with a simple "!" though Pusha T himself decided to get a little wordy with his own response:

Almost immediately, the Mike Dean Twitterati doubled down on their "!" emotions by demanding answers:

Was our guy Mike just @ing everyone at the 808s & Heartbreak show in LA? Was he toying with our increasingly fragile hearts? Are we really about to get one of the most stacked collabs of all time? Maybe Kanye, Travis, and/or Pusha are bringing out some guests during their sets at the Summer Ends Music Festival in Arizona on Sunday?

Let us know, Mike.

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