Meek Mill And Nicki Minaj Respond to Joe Budden's Baffling Comments on Their Relationship

After Budden made some troubling remarks on Meek and Nicki's relationship on his podcast, they took to Twitter for a proper response.

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On a recent episode of his (humorously named) I'll Name This Podcast Later, Joe Budden delivered his unwarranted opinion on Meek Mill's relationship with Nicki Minaj— specifically pointing to what he seems to think is a conflict of public image:

"Part of my problem with that is that Meek’s music is too hard. Meek’s music is too hard for me to look at him with this fucking sappy fuck-shit. Be the hardcore guy that I’m sure she was attracted to at some point. It’s nasty. I hate everything about it. "

To be fair, Budden did end his diatribe by (surely facetiously ) thanking the couple for "keeping the hope of love alive." Though podcasts are rarely the starting point for beefs of note, Budden's podcast now stands as an exception — in that both Meek and Nicki swiftly responded via their respective Twitter accounts. Meek's response was humorous and verbose, while Nicki kept it (mostly) simple with excerpted lyrics from her own "Yasss Bish":

The Queen:

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