Mase Recalls Being 'Trapped' in Hotel Room After Biggie’s Murder Because '70 Bloods' Were in the Hallway

According to Mase, the "70 or so Bloods in the hallway" were "probably looking for more Bad Boy artists."

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mase performing live

In a recent episode of the It Is What It Is with Cam’ron and Treasure “Stat Baby” Wilson, Mase looked back on the moment he learned the Notorious B.I.G. had been killed.

In the final minutes of the episode, available in full below, Cam’ron asked Mase about the night in 1997 when Biggie was shot and killed in Los Angeles. At the time, Mase noted, he was at a hotel.

“Where was I? I was in the hotel,” he said, joking that this sounded “like a Keffe D question.” This, of course, is a reference to the recent arrest in connection with the 1996 murder of 2Pac

From there, Mase continued, adding that he was “in the hotel with a young lady” at the time.

"I actually was trapped in the hotel," Mase explained. "It was about probably, like, 70 or so Bloods in the hallway. I couldn’t even leave my room."

Asked to elaborate on why there would be “70 Bloods” in the hallway, Mase theorized that they were “probably looking for more Bad Boy artists.” Ultimately, however, Mase was able to get out of the hotel thanks to Bad Boy bodyguard Gene Deal.

"Actually, after Big got killed, they was probably looking for more Bad Boy artists," Mase said. "I couldn’t even leave the room 'til Gene Deal, the officer, came and had to come get me. I was left in L.A. and from that day I always said, you know, I’m out of here."

Cam’ron politely pressed Mase about the latter, namely his assertion that he was “left in L.A.” after the shooting. While Mase didn’t get specific, he said it felt as though an “every man for himself” approach took over.

“I came there with people. I didn’t leave with those people,” he added.

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In another recent episode of It Is What It Is, Duane "Keffe D" Davis' arrest in connection with 2Pac's murder was discussed. As previously reported, Mase asked "Where do I know that name from?" during a segment focused on the arrest.

Amid continued coverage of the arrest, Bad Boy founder Diddy has also been brought into headlines, including thanks to a recent tweet from 50 Cent.

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