Lil Yachty: 'These Rappers Are Not Rich, Bro'

Neither am I.

Lil Yachty hit the coveted Desus & Mero extended interview zone Wednesday night.

In addition to a hilarious aside about "old people cups," the Yachty chat included some more clarity about that recent 75 percent tweet. Earlier this month, Yachty responded to praise from Smokepurpp with the announcement that he could "prolly out rap 75 percent of the new generation."

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"I'm not the best rapper, I'm not trying to be the best rapper," Yachty said when asked about the tweet around the 15-minute mark in the video up top. "I'm rich as fuck . . . These rappers are not rich, bro. Like, they not. It's all fake. A facade, bro. I'm genuinely, near and dear truly rich. I don't give a fuck about none of that shit . . . I'm just happy, bro."

Ultimately, this lead to an inquiry about blowing money at Magic City in Atlanta. "No matter how rich you are, man, you think about that shit when you leave, like, why the fuck did I do that?" Yachty said, noting that he and Migos once dropped a combined $30,000 at the famous strip joint. Ultimately, however, it's worth it "to just shit on everyone in the club." In fact, Yachty said he was just at Magic City two days before hitting the Viceland studios.

Catch the full 23-minute discussion, which also includes Yachty's thoughts on turning 21 later this year, above.

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