Lil Wayne Shares DMX-Sampling New Song "Kant Nobody," Talks ‘Tha Carter VI’ and Greatest Rappers Ranking

Lil Wayne is soon set to embark on his timely Welcome to Tha Carter tour, which follows his expansive 2019 co-headlining run with blink-182.

Lil Wayne new song cover art

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Lil Wayne new song cover art

Lil Wayne has released a DMX-sampling new track, “Kant Nobody,” as fans await the latest chapter in the long-running Tha Carter series.

In commemoration of the Swizz Beatz-produced song’s unveiling, Weezy had a chat with Zane Lowe for Apple Music 1 during which he not only continued to tease the new project but also gave his thoughts on a recent ranking of the 50 greatest (at least according toBillboard) rap artists of all time.

“I never even imagined,” Wayne said of being on the precipice of the sixth entry in the franchise, which is nearing 20 years removed from its launch. “That didn’t even sound right years ago. I can’t believe we’re at Carter VI. My fans know I give my all. Go listen to my last feature and know it’s gonna be a thousand times better than that.”

As for that debate-spurring ranking, Weezy first noted that he doesn’t pay attention to social media and was not fully aware of the list in question, at least at first.

“Man, who the hell is before me? Was the list including all hip-hop, like before and after as well?” Wayne, who was ranked at No. 7 on the list between Drake and Biggie, said. “I can deal with that… I will tell you that I am a motherfucking one. Everybody whose names you named, they also know I’m number one. Go ask ‘em. They know what it is.”

Elsewhere, Wayne shared some wise words about competitiveness within art, noting that competition isn’t on an artist’s mind while they’re in the middle of their creative process. He also looked back on his 2019 tour with Matt Skiba era blink-182 as an example of his unique status within hip-hop.

For now, no official date for Tha Carter VI has been made public. In the meantime, hear “Kant Nobody” below.

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Weezy also shared the video for “Kant Nobody” featuring Swizz Beatz. With a bandana wrapped around his mic stand, he keeps it simple by letting his bars to do the talking.

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In April, Weezy will return to the road with his Welcome to Tha Carter tour. See a full list of dates and ticket info here.

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