Lil Uzi Vert's "Sanguine Paradise" Receives a Big Change on Streaming Platforms

Fans should be happy with this move, which is merely the latest act of confusion surrounding 'Eternal Atake.'

Image via Getty/Tabatha Fireman

The horns have been axed.

Indeed, a certain MIDI horns addition to Lil Uzi Vert's recently released "Sanguine Paradise" (originally known among fans as "Money Keep Coming") has mysteriously disappeared from the version of the song available on Apple Music and other streaming platforms. Though it's unclear when exactly the altered version—which brings the track much closer to its fan-preferred original—started being made officially available, fans on Reddit have been noticing the updated mix's spread across multiple platforms in recent days.

Stream the latest take on "Sanguine Paradise" below via Apple Music. If you previously saved the track to your library, you might want to delete it and redownload from Uzi's artist page to ensure you're hearing the updated version.

Changes like this, though it's not currently clear who called for them, aren't exactly a surprise when considering recent comments from Finesse, the manager of Philly-based collective Working on Dying. The collective's own Oogie Mane and Brandon Finessin, of course, are credited as producers on "Sanguine Paradise" and have a history of collaborating with Uzi.

"It's tough because he's such a perfectionist that we've probably had 11 versions of Eternal Atake," Finesse told Genius earlier this month. "He records every day. But he's not gonna put it out until he feels like every one is to his liking, and sometimes that pace is gonna be slower than what his fans like."

Finesse also echoed previous comments from Uzi (or, at least, someone who had control of Uzi's Instagram) about currently being in the middle of making the best music of his life.

Though the Eternal Atake arrival date remains a mystery, some new Uzi has been confirmed for next month's Detective Pikachu movie. Uzi joins Pharrell and HONEST BOYZ for the film's ending theme "Electricity."

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