Lil Nas X Is the New Santa in Michael J. Fox-Featuring Trailer for Upcoming Single "Holiday"

Lil Nas X has a new single out on Friday. To announce it, X has released a trailer featuring a drunken Santa Claus being booted from a saloon.

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Lil Nas X has a new single out this Friday titled "Holiday." In celebration of what he touted on Sunday as his "first single in almost two years," X has released a trailer featuring the one and only Michael J. Fox.

The clip opens with the sounds of X's breakout hit "Old Town Road" in the background as we are introduced to a western-themed town. Santa Claus—who is totally real—is then seen being booted from a saloon for being highly intoxicated, at which point he collapses. In true 1994 Santa Claus x Tim Allen fashion, X then happens upon a message informing him that he is now the "new Santa."

From there, we're given a nod to the Back to the Future franchise as X exits with the assistance of some spontaneous reindeer.

"Whatever you do, Nas, don't go to 2020," Fox warns.

When sharing the clip on Instagram, Fox further hinted that X's take on Santa will include some time-traveling shenanigans.

"It's always a good time when you travel back to the past," Fox said, adding that he was "thrilled to be a part of this."

Up top, catch the Jason Koenig-directed clip in full via YouTube and/or Instagram.

X's debut EP 7 arrived in June of last year and include collaborations with Cardi B, Travis Barker, and—in the form of the Grammy-winning "Old Town Road" remix—noted "Achy Breaky Heart" hitmaker Billy Ray Cyrus.

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