Lil Nas X Returns With Music Video for New Song "Holiday"

This weekend, Lil Nas X is teaming up with the Roblox team for a state-of-the-art virtual live concert experience featuring the new song and more.

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As first teased via a palpably cinematic trailer briefly featuring Michael J. Fox, Lil Nas X has returned with a new single.

The track, fittingly titled "Holiday," is now available wherever you prefer to stack up your streams. Peep the new song below and watch the track's music video up top. Gibson Hazard co-directed the video with X.

Ahead of the Santa Claus-centered "Holiday" drop, Roblox and X announced a collaborative effort in the form of a virtual concert. The link-up will see X performing the single live for the first time as part of a special event within Roblox which, notably, also marks the first-ever such event for the global online platform.

"We're throwing the biggest virtual concert of 2020, and I hope everybody in the world can come check it out," X said in a press release. "I feel very lucky to be the first artist to ever do this on Roblox. We had so much fun putting this together for my fans, and I can't wait for everyone to see it!"

It all goes down on Nov. 14, with a special preshow Q&A session set for Friday:

Lil Nas X also linked with Zane Lowe on Apple Music to talk about his new track "Holiday" and what he has in store for the future, including his debut album. 

"Tay Keith did just whip this up for me," Nas X said of "Holiday."  "This song actually started in February. All the way back in February. But at first it was just melodies over a beat. Then it took until summertime till I'm like, 'Okay, boom. Let's do this. Let's do this.' We always had 'HOLIDAY' as a name and then we brought us to this point where you see me just dressed like this to really give it a mood."

He went on to say this his upcoming album will be low on features but did tease that a "very popular singer" would be included on it. 

"A hint, a hint, a hint a hint," he said. "Hm. Very, very popular singer, male, and he's a record breaker. Okay, that's all I have. I will say about this album though, I kept features to a minimum. I just feel like I really want to give people me and just me on some of these, because I feel like, especially with singles last time, I always followed up with a feature or a remix."

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