Lady Gaga on Bradley Cooper Speculation: 'Social Media, Quite Frankly, Is the Toilet of the Internet'

The 'A Star Is Born' lead joins Jimmy Kimmel to talk the movie's new cut and more, including idiots who think she and Bradley Cooper are together.

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Social media is indeed the toilet of the internet, and Oscar-winning polymath Lady Gaga is here to make sure everyone knows this helpful fact by heart.

Wednesday night, Gaga—who just bagged Best Original Song for the excellent "Shallow"—stopped by Jimmy Kimmel headquarters to talk Oscars, the special A Star Is Born re-release cut, and more. Of course, an unfortunate wave of headlines inspired by people who presumably assume that two people seen doing anything together must be in some sort of romantic relationship also resulted in Kimmel asking Gaga about her Oscars performance with co-star/director Bradley Cooper.

"First of all, social media, quite frankly, is the toilet of the internet," Gaga said when asked about the supposed "big controversy" of a certain segment of Oscars viewers who said she and Cooper "must be" in actual, real-life love after rolling her eyes at the question. "And what it has done to pop culture is abysmal. And yes, people saw love. Guess what? That's what we wanted you to see. This is a love song, 'Shallow.' The movie, A Star Is Born, it's a love story."

Moving on, Gaga praised Cooper for his vision and credited him mightily for contributing to the instaclassic performance's success. "Everything that you saw, the way that it's shot, the way they pushed the piano out . . . All of it, that was all him and he even also was the one that was like, 'I think that the audience should be lit,'" she explained.

Gaga also brought along a clip from the "encore" edition of A Star Is Born, which hits theaters Friday for a limited time only. "It's 12 minutes of additional footage," Gaga said of the new cut, which Cooper was inspired to put together while editing the film for VOD purposes.

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