Kid Cudi Sends Love to Plain Pat and More on Debut Mixtape's 10th Anniversary

Kid Cudi marked the 10th anniversary of 'A Kid Named Cudi' by sending love to Plain Pat, Dot da Genius, Emile Haynie, and 10.Deep. In the decade since its release, the Cudi sound has continued to define younger generations.

A Kid Named Cudi, the revelatory debut mixtape from the increasingly influential Kid Cudi, turned 10 years young Tuesday. In the years since, the sound teased on the 16-track classic has been mastered to the point of perfection and proven undeniably impactful on younger generations with a penchant for emotional immediacy.

Late Tuesday night, Cudi himself wished the tape a happy 10th. "10 years!" Cudi said on Twitter. "What a hell of a journey so far.  Still here creating, makin' what I love, all for you. Thank you to those who have been ridin' w me the whole way on this crazy trip.  The mission has been the same all these years.  Im here because of you."

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Cudi went on to thank Plain Pat, Dot da Genius, 10.Deep, and Emile Haynie for helping set him on the path to artistic success. "I love you," Cudi said of his early days with Pat. "Days I couldn't eat ,Pat would call me up and have me come out so he could buy me a meal. Real shit."

I wanna thank some people.

— The Chosen One (@KiDCuDi) July 18, 2018

Plain Pat my big brother, believed in me when no one else did. Was always a true friend first before anything. Was there for me when not many were. I love you Pat. I love you. Days I couldnt eat Pat would call me up and have me come out so he could buy me a meal. Real shit

— The Chosen One (@KiDCuDi) July 18, 2018

Emile, my big brother. Connected w this man the moment I met him. Hes a fuckin awesome dude. Believed in what Pat and I were doing way early before anybody. Helped me develop my sound. Hes a musical mad man and a genius and yea I love him too!

— The Chosen One (@KiDCuDi) July 18, 2018

Dot my brother!! Man, it all started w this duder. Created my sound w this man. Took me in when I had no place else to go. I love him and his entire family for givin me a place to stay. We stayed up late nights just working on our art, hopin to change the world. God is good!

— The Chosen One (@KiDCuDi) July 18, 2018

I wanna say thank you to 10 Deep for blessing me w fresh ass free clothes and doing the mixtape w us! Yall held it down from day 1. Mad love to the whole 10 Deep family. Emeka I see u!!!

— The Chosen One (@KiDCuDi) July 18, 2018

Cudi's most recent project, the seven-track Kanye West collab Kids See Ghosts, opened at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 last month. As we learned earlier this week, the album was originally set to include a verse from noted Cudi fan Travis Scott.

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