Kid Cudi Says 'Man on the Moon III' Is the 'Most Important Album of My Career Thus Far'

Kid Cudi joins 'Tenet' star John David Washington for a special conversation about 'MOTM III,' his MAD SOLAR plans, Shia LaBeouf, and much more.


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Happy Man on the Moon III day.

Fittingly, we can likely expect a welcome marathon of Kid Cudi stories in the coming hours and days, starting with this morning's continued celebration of the inclusion of a Scott Pilgrim vs. the World sample on "She Knows This."

Now, as promised, we have the unveiling of a new Cudi interview conducted by Tenet star John David Washington.

Toward the end of the Wonderland-housed discussion, Cudi went deep on his friendships with Shia LaBeouf and Timothée Chalamet, noting that he has a "real bond" with both of them. LaBeouf, whose collaborative history with Cudi includes the 2011 short film "Maniac" co-starring Cage, gives "the truth" when hearing new music.

"That's why I love Shia, and that's why playing him this new music was really important," Cudi said. "Same with you. I really needed to know you guys' opinion, because this is the most important album of my career thus far."

Asked to elaborate on that importance, Cudi added:

"It's 10 years of anticipation for this album. If this album fails, if this sucks, I'm over! I'm gonna go live on an island somewhere…"

Potential involvement from LaBeouf under Cudi's recently launched MAD SOLAR banner is mentioned earlier into the discussion, with Cudi detailing how the production and music management company will allow him to realize even more of his dreams as an artist.

"Now I'm in a position where I can develop a book, I can develop a script with a friend, with Shia [LaBeouf]," he said. "We can write the movie and get it made in a couple months. All these things are at my fingertips now and I can actually do things and I have money behind me."

As always, it's best to read interviews in their entirety for the full experience. Do that here. It's the perfect thing to read while soaking up another back-to-back spin of Man on the Moon III.

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