Kevin Gates Surprises Crowd by Bringing Out Viral "Thinking With My Dick" Fan at Louisiana Show

The memed man in question helped the 2013 Kevin Gates track enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the first time earlier this year thanks to a viral video.

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A Mardi Gras-celebrating man who went viral earlier this year alongside Kevin Gates’ 2013 track “Thinking With My Dick” has now enjoyed the expected outcome of such virality.

The individual in question—donning a striped blue polo top and grasping an American flag tumbler—spurred a TikTok trend after being filmed thoroughly enjoying the Juicy J collab from Stranger Than Fiction. As the clip gained traction, so too did the song, resulting in its inaugural appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 nearly 10 years after its initial release.

At a show this weekend in Lafayette, Louisiana, Gates surprised attendees by bringing to the stage none other than the memed man himself, complete with what appeared to be the same blue top and flag cup combo. 

Per a subsequent report from regional Acadiana outlet Hot 107.9, the “viral Mardi Gras guy,” as he’s often referenced, is a man by the name of Steven Barbosa. Speaking with the outlet after being brought out during Gates’ Cajundome Arena performance this weekend, Barbosa said Gates thanked him and urged him to “live it up” because “it’s your night.”

See the presumably meme-extending moment below.

Gates is currently fresh off the release of the new song and video “Big Lyfe,” as well as the rollout of a new lyric video for the more phallically inclined “Thinking With My Dick.” Catch both below.

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View this video on YouTube

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