Katy Perry Gave Hillary Clinton a Gold POTUS Necklace for Her Birthday

Bill Clinton was Katy's opening act.

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While confirmed struggle candidateMartin O'Malley is concerned with busting out painfulTaylor Swift covers on The View, fellow Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton is busy receiving prophetic gifts from Katy PerryKaty joined Hillary for a rally and fundraising event in Iowa on Saturday, a pairing rightly celebrated with Katy initiating a full-on takeover of Hillary’s Instagram before gifting the presidential candidate with an enviable gold POTUS piece:

"She's my firework," Katy told the Iowa crowd of roughly 4,000 supporters, according NBC News. "Sometimes it's important, you just have to roar about what you need to fight for!" Hillary said during her surprise appearance at the end of the event. As today is Katy's 31st birthday, Hillary (who turns 68 this week) shared a quick message to her new friend Katy while sadly not wearing that POTUS necklace:

#KatyPerry2020, please?

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