Hear Kanye West's New 'SWISH' Track "I Feel Like That"

The double video for "All Day / I Feel Like That" made its American debut at LACMA.

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If you're like me, your first thought upon waking each morning is some variation of "Where the fuck is SWISH?" Then, you immediately calm yourself with the revelation that Kanye West need not explain the whereabouts of his profoundly anticipated Yeezus follow-up. After all, this is not a man bound by the constraints of traditional album cycles — or, really, traditional anything. 

Early glimpses at SWISH seem to suggest a shedding of the futurist punk rock leanings of Yeezus, replaced by a traveling genre approach spanning almost every aspect of West's genre-bending career. "FourFiveSeconds," though now most likely just a stand-alone single, builds a classic radio hook on the foundation of some very Paul-esque riffage from Paul McCartney himself. Similarly, the influence of McCartney is evident on "Only One" — a track inhabiting the sonic space between 808s & Heartbreak and Yeezus without directly referencing the disparate identities of either. "All Day" brushes past Yeezus' punk rock armor but ultimately settles into its own identity as a still-on-repeat, multi-arc banger.

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West originally premiered the Steve McQueen-assisted visual for "All Day" back in March during his four-night residency at Foundation Louis Vuitton. As McCartney's whistle electronica outro fades (see above), West's heavy breathing gives way to another new SWISH track tentatively titled "I Feel Like That." Thus far, the American response during the visual's proper exhibition at LACMA can best be summarized using a never-ending stream of flame emoji:

Tonight, Steve McQueen, Kanye West, and Michael Govan discussed "All Day/I Feel Like That" during a private event. pic.twitter.com/osDZHWO3Yi

— LACMA (@LACMA) July 25, 2015

Do you even Kanye? @LACMA @TeamKanyeDaily pic.twitter.com/Lqzo7nUsKF

— erndoge (@xaviernie) July 25, 2015


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