Kanye West Loves His 'Brother' Trump Because They're Both 'Dragon Energy'

The current life of Pablo is apparently loaded with Hobby Lobby-esque feel-good quotes and apparent MAGA marketing.

Another hour has passed on this apocryphal Wednesday, which means we now have a new batch of Kanye West tweets to write an entire article about.

According to his latest tweetstorm, West considers Trump his "brother" because they're both "dragon energy." West also called truth "subjective," joked that he was "all the way out" of the Sunken Place, said he has "love" for Hillary Clinton, and alerted everyone to his continued refusal to stop loving Trump. 

Thank you Kanye, very cool! https://t.co/vRIC87M21X

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 25, 2018

Later, West revealed that Kim Kardashian had just called to tell him to say that he doesn't "agree with everything" Trump does. Yet he's still publicly expressing adoration for this guy?

If West is trying to make the point that we should all love everyone, there are certainly far less jeopardous ways to do so. Furthermore, is speaking generically about "loving everyone" or whatever even a remotely original concept? No, and it's particularly glaring when Hobby Lobby-esque feel-good quotes are being tweeted from the account of one of the most daringly original artists in history.

Shortly after he futilely attempted to defend his views on Trump, West shared a photo of him with Universal Music Group CEO Lucian Grainge and YouTube's global head of music Lyor Cohen. Preposterously, West was rocking an ugly-as-all-fuck "Make America Great Again" hat. He later tweeted a photo of the hat's incomprehensible signature, which caught the attention of his friend and creative collaborative, Tracey Mills

West claimed that he, Grainge, and Cohen had met to discuss the creation of a music platform.

Trump later responded to Kanye's tweets of support:

After getting a reply from POTUS, West announced a potential meeting with Peter Thiel, the Trump-supporting billionaire who essentially funded Gawker's demise

West has two albums due in June, so we should probably expect all of this bullshit to continue for the next several months. Then again, I honestly have no idea what's going on.

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