John Mayer Drops New Song "New Light" Co-Produced by No I.D.

A new bop from John Mayer.

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John Mayer wisely enlisted the co-production prowess of No I.D. for his new song "New Light, " out today. As promised, the new cut does indeed qualify as a "summer bop drop." The track, notably, is also listed as being released on Mayer's own label Snack Money.

"This song was not easy to write lyrically," Mayer, speaking with Zane Lowe during the Beats 1 World Record premiere of the song, said. "It just wasn't. It was written out of sequence . . . There's code-cracking involved." 

Working with No I.D., Mayer explained, allowed him to add a more modern vibe to his craft. "I liked the idea of still being the musician that I've always been but changing the vocabulary a bit," he said, adding that No I.D. is a "great artist" with the ability to use Ableton "like a violin."

Later on in his discussion with Lowe, Mayer—after briefly talking about recent work he's done with Big Sean and Russ—gave his account of seeing Kanye West in action in the studio. Mayer said West is "maybe the greatest summoner of creative energy in terms of sitting in the room with a thing that he doesn't have and going and coming back with that thing within seconds." That skill, Mayer added, can be both "intoxicating and sometimes toxic."


Stream "New Light," featuring the highly tweetable line "pushin' 40 in the friend zone," above via YouTube and/or Apple Music.

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