Ice Spice Addresses Industry Plant Chatter, Declares Herself a ‘Marketing F*cking Genius’

Ice Spice isn't concerned with "all the rumors" these days.

ice spice on red carpet
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ice spice on red carpet

Among the dumbest quasi-theories some listeners like to throw around whenever a new artist breaks through is that of the so-called “industry plant.” It’s a term most often used these days as a catch-all for sheer dismissiveness, and is a claim not usually worth a response. Just ask Ice Spice, who broached the topic in a new interview with Steven J. Horowitz for Variety.

While such remarks used to bother her, she's since come to realize this simply comes with the territory.

“A lot of people have thrown that in my face—like ‘Oh, I’ve never seen anything happen so quickly. She needs to be studied,’ or ‘She’s a plant,’” Spice said in the interview, available here. “I just let people believe whatever they want to believe, to be honest. I don’t really mind all the rumors. At first I did, but now I’m at a point where I understand that just comes with this lifestyle.”

Elsewhere in the new piece, Spice—who just this month joined Ben Affleck in a Dunkin ad—deemed herself “a marketing fucking genius” when detailing how her upbringing in New York has contributed to her success.

“People be trying to act like I’m dumb, and I’m just like, I’m a marketing fucking genius,” she said. “I feel like that just comes from being from New York, having to be quick on your feet, having to be witty and having a fast comeback."

Thanks to growing up with a big family, Spice added, she was able to develop a “smartass mouth” that’s parlayed into top-tier marketing.

“I think people with a smartass mouth make for good marketers,” she pointed out.

Read the full thing here.

Later this year, Ice Spice will join Doja Cat on select dates of her Scarlet Tour. The string of dates follows the rollout of a deluxe edition of Spice’s Like..? EP in July, led by the hit single “Deli.” The track ultimately peaked at No. 41 on the Hot 100, a position that now stands as Spice’s highest solo entry on the Billboard songs chart.

More recently, Spice received a public collab invitation from "Ice Cream So Good" crafter Pinkydoll.

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