Ice Spice, Self-Proclaimed ‘Dunkin’ Girl,’ Joins Ben Affleck in Commercial for New Munchkins Drink

Ben Affleck keeps the Dunkin-fueled creativity rolling with a new spot featuring Ice Spice.

Video via Dunkin

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Video via Dunkin

Ben Affleck, connoisseur of coffee and cinema, has recruited Ice Spice into the Dunkin’ clique.

As MTV Video Music Awards viewers saw on Tuesday night, the two star in a new ad for the brand that sees Affleck enlisting Spice for help in developing a new drink flavor.

"Things at Dunkin’ are going well. Big promotion," Affleck tells the camera in the 30-second spot, as seen above. "They made me brand ambassador."

Joining Spice at a table, the Oscar winner points to the need for authenticity in the drink name, seemingly missing the obvious reasons why he’s definitely found an ideal collaborator for this particular endeavor.

“I’m a Dunkin’ girl,” Spice tells him. “My fans are the Munchkins.”

From there, Affleck works in the phrase “Vanilla Ice Spice” while half-rapping and inviting Spice to join him, which she does not do. Watch more up top.

The Ice Spice Munchkins Drink, made possible by blending together Pumpkin Munchkins and Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee, is available starting Wednesday. In a statement, Spice again asserted her own personal Dunkin’ fandom.

“I’ve always been a Dunkin’ girl!” she said. “Collaborating with Dunkin’ and Ben Affleck on this spot was a dream. The drink has a fun twist, a little something in the name for my fans, too. I can’t wait for everyone to try it.”

The latest spot, directed by Beedy, falls under Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s Artists Equity banner, specifically its advertising division. Launched in November 2022 with Gerry Cardinale’s RedBird Capital Partners, Artists Equity is built as an "artist-led studio" with a focus on empowering filmmakers.

“Our goal with Artists Equity is to build a creator-focused studio that can optimize the production process with shared participation in the commercial success of projects,” Affleck, Artists Equity CEO, said in a statement at the time.

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