Halsey and John Mayer Dead Those Random Dating Rumors Over IG Live

John Mayer invited Halsey to join him on the latest episode of his Instagram series 'Current Mood,' where the two did some rumor-squashing.


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Whenever two celebrities engage in any kind of interaction, simple minds often take this as an opportunity to leap from the nearest window, figuratively speaking, with a sack full of assumptions. So was the case recently with Halsey and John Mayer, who've now taken this riveting global discussion to Instagram Live.

The two linked up for a new edition of what Mayer dubbed America's favorite game, the aptly named Are They Dating. "Before the show, Halsey and I were asked—who asked us?" Mayer said. "Halsey and I were asked by someone else to write down the answer to the question 'Are you guys dating?' . . . If we are dating, it'll be great. It'll be great. And if we're not, we'll be fine."

Later, Mayer and Halsey both held up cards with the answer of no scrawled on them. "Halsey and I ask for publicity in this very difficult time," Mayer joked. As for why they wouldn't engage in activities of a supposed dating nature, the two also had the same answer. The relationship, they said, would be "difficult" due to them both being "highly driven and creative artists" with their eyes set wisely on independence.

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These moments of article-ready candor were captured as part of Mayer's Instagram Live series Current Mood, which also saw the two perform an acoustic version of the Halsey cut "Without Me."

Mayer, alongside Fear of God's Jerry Lorenzo, is also the current Complex cover star. Last month, Halsey joined Lil Wayne on Saturday Night Live for a performance of "Can't Be Broken." The Carter V performance resulted in a new Weezy-designed tattoo.

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