Gunna's 2018 "Top Off" Performance Inspires Viral TikTok Challenge

The 'Drip Season 3' track is now at the center of a TikTok challenge which itself was inspired by a previously shared parody of Gunna's performance.

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Gunna’s 2018 Drip Season 3 track “Top Off” is currently at the center of a TikTok challenge.

While the song itself dates back four years, the challenge itself—per a handy breakdown from the reliable KnowYourMeme database—originates from TikTok user @lalamaria_’s March 2021-shared parody of Gunna’s A COLORS SHOW performance of the track in 2018.


💀💀 hood version of COLORS #fyp

♬ Top Off - Gunna

In the original video in question, which was part of a collab series with Adidas Football, Gunna is seen rapping the Richie Souf-produced song into a strategically placed microphone hanging from the ceiling of the performance space.

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This month, amid ongoing coverage of Young Thug and Gunna’s recent arrests (and the larger conversation about the continued damage of Atlanta’s predatory justice system), the format was fairly widely revived, including via renditions from @killy066 and @not.meluvcarti toward the beginning of this month.

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♬ Top Off - Gunna

In short, the setup is a simple but highly effective one: Swap the suspended-from-above microphone in the original 2018 Gunna performance for a similarly displayed item of one’s choosing (the more comedically ridiculous the item, the better).

At the time of this writing, there were more than 83,000 videos on TikTok using the “Top Off” sound. See more highlights below, including a rendition from Latto.


he wanted to eat the mic #rottweiler

♬ Top Off - Gunna


i took the top off 🗣

♬ Top Off - Gunna



♬ Top Off - Gunna


Bro went crazy 😂😭

♬ Top Off - Gunna

Earlier this month, Gunna shared what marked his first public statement since his arrest in May amid a RICO indictment naming multiple individuals. In the letter, Gunna reflected on his career and said he never could have predicted how his art would change his life “and lives of my loved ones.” For Gunna, his art presented an opportunity to change his circumstances while expressing gratitude daily.

“For now, I don’t have my freedom,” Gunna, who also referenced the recently launched Protect Black Art petition, said. “But I am innocent. I am being falsely accused and will never stop fighting to clear my name!”

For more information on the Protect Black Art petition from Kevin Liles and Julie Greenwald, hit this link.

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