Famous Dex Quits Lean and Xanax: 'It's Over With'

Dex shared a candid message to fans Thursday revealing he had decided to stop utilizing lean and Xanax.


Image via Getty/Scott Dudelson


Famous Dex is done with lean and recreational Xanax use.

In an Instagram clip shared Thursday, Dex revealed he had decided to step away from the two substances, crediting his belief in a higher power and his family as inspiration.

"I just wanna thank God," Dex told fans in the clip. "I don't do xans, the lean. It's over with, you know what I'm saying? God is good, God is great. I just wanna thank God for everything. I wanna thank my supporters. I wanna thank everyone for supporting me, everybody that knows me. God is so good. I'm relaxed, I'm chilling, I'm good . . . I'm doing it for me and my children. Get right. Dexter. Make the world get better."

As you'll recall, Dex's previous recreational drug use became a source of contention in a recent back-and-forth with Soulja Boy. Ahead of a heated argument on Instagram Live, Soulja claimed he was owed some credit for Dex's early successes. "I put you on, you ungrateful ass little crackhead," he said at the time. "Fuck is wrong with you, n***a? You a fuckin' junkie, n***a."

While Dex was effusive in gratitude for fan support in his candid message Thursday, it's worth noting that the support is mutual. Back in February, Dex announced plans to help out a fan who was recently sentenced in connection with attempting to commandeer a twin-engine jet to catch a Dex show.

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