Enrique Iglesias Bravely Battles Drone, Loses Some Blood in The Process

During a stop on his Sex and Love tour, Iglesias mishandled a drone and suffered the consequences.

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UPDATE 6/1/2015: AP reports that Enrique Inglesias will undergo reconstructive hand surgery in Los Angeles and will be completed today.

"Thank you to all for your concern and good wishes. Enrique is currently undergoing reconstructive hand surgery today," the statement obtained by AP said. "Enrique will resume his tour July 3rd in Mexico City. We appreciate all your wishes and prayers."

Currently globetrotting on his Sex & Love tour, Enrique Iglesias was reportedly injured after one of his usually friendly camera-armed drones turned on him during a stop in Tijuana, Mexico. A representative for Iglesias tells reporters that the drone is generally used "to get crowd shots" and Iglesias often "grabs the drone to give the audience a Point of View shot," a shot which usually doesn't involve blood and backstage medical assistance.

According to his representative, Iglesias was swiftly "semi-treated" after slicing several fingers open during the botched drone grab. "He decided to go on," says the representative. "[Iglesias] continued playing for 30 minutes while the bleeding continued throughout the show."

Immediately after giving 12,000 fans an unabashedly theatrical performance involving an exponentially blood-drenched white t-shirt (see below), the singer was rushed to a specialist and is currently recovering.


Enrique Iglesias sliced his fingers trying to grab a drone on stage http://t.co/7UPg2Tdi5g pic.twitter.com/Nnw8RaHTWw

— Page Six (@PageSix) May 31, 2015


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