Drake to Fan Who Tossed Their Mom’s Bra on Stage: ‘Tell Her to Get Instagram ASAP’

The It's All a Blur tour has been a blur of bras, with the latest example going down during a stop in Seattle.

drake is seen performing
Image via Getty/Prince Williams/Wireimage
drake is seen performing

The bras just keep piling up.

At least, that’s the case on Drake’s still-in-progress It’s All a Blur tour with 21 Savage. During a stop at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle over the weekend, yet another fan tossed a bra onto the stage during Drake’s set, resulting in some expectedly headlineable commentary from the “Summer Games” sequel denier himself.

“This is your mother’s bra that you brought to the show,” Drake said as he held the bra in question “Where is yo mama at? You gotta send her my love. And by the way, you gotta send her my love and you gotta tell her to get Instagram ASAP. This is insane. What the hell? I could use this shit as a durag tonight.”

Drake the proceeded to briefly place the bra atop his head before continuing his commentary.

“This is crazy,” he added. “What size is this though? What is this? This is insane. This might be the record-breaker. I think it has to. It’s a full coverage bra, clearly. It’s custom. This is custom. Damn, this that OVO shit right there. This is custom! Oh my god, I see the size. It’s a 46J.”

From there, Drake went through the alphabet out loud, then offered some parting words for the fan and her mother.

“Shout out to your mama, girl,” he said. “Make some noise for this girl’s mama right here.”

If you've been paying attention, you'll note that this is far from the first time a bra has crashed onto the stage during Drake's set. In one of the most widely covered examples of such bra-based shenanigans, a woman who threw a 36G-sized bra at the 6 god reportedly bagged a Playboy offer mere days later.

Bras aside, the For All the Dogs era is fully in swing, despite the album having not yet been released. While many fans were convinced the album was set to arrive last week, both Drake and his frequent collaborator Lil Yachty were quick to remind the general public that no official source ever pointed to a specific release date.

"Y'all stupid," Yachty said of those expecting an Aug. 25 rollout.

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