Lil Yachty Calls Fans ‘Stupid’ for Thinking Drake’s Album Was Dropping Today, Almost Crashed His Car Listening to ‘For All the Dogs’

Lil Yachty later posted a video telling fans Drake's album isn't coming out yet, but plugged the release of his new song, "Tesla."

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Lil Yachty almost crashed out while driving to Drake’s forthcoming album For All the Dogs.

Lil Boat admitted to the almost accident in a new episode of his A Safe Place podcast with co-host Mitch and guest Veeze.

“Let’s talk about yesterday, on the way to the studio,” Mitch said around the 1:10:50 hour mark, to which Yachty asked, “What I do?”

“When [Mitch] spilled his lean,” Veeze said.

Lil Yachty almost crashed his car playing ‘For All The Dogs’

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) August 24, 2023
Twitter: @ComplexMusic

“Oh my god!” Yachty said. “Yo, yesterday, we were driving and I almost rammed into a car and I slammed on the brakes. … [Mitch] dumbass don’t wear a seatbelt, so there’s no pity. … He slammed the back of my seat and his cup. It was so funny ‘cause me and Veeze had seatbelts on like normal human beings with brains.”

Mitch responded, “I’m so mad because you’re such a terrible driver.” Yachty confessed, “I’m not the best.”

Me at 11:59 Me at 12:01

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) August 25, 2023
Twitter: @ComplexMusic

“Bro, you’re choosing the worst time [not to] pay attention. On the road,” Mitch said, which prompted Veeze to ask, “How, when you’re trying to play unreleased Drake? How’s that a bad time?”

“For the dogs,” Boat then said, nodding to Drake’s yet-to-be-released album.

In a follow-up tweet, Yachty told fans that they were “stupid” for thinking For All the Dogs was coming out tonight.

Nobody let the dogs out…

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) August 25, 2023
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He followed that message up with a video. “Nobody ever said that it was [coming out tonight]," Yachty said of Drake's album. "Gotta stop believing shit you hear on the internet. … I drop tonight. Check out that new ‘Tesla.’ That was so shameless—mentioning Drake’s thing but plugging myself. But whatever. I just dropped. … I might drop a song every week for the rest of the year.”

"Tesla" is the rapper's new single that's part of his four-pack EP, which includes already released songs, "Slide," "Solo Steppin Crete Boy," and "Strike (Holster)." He's also set to kick off his The Field Trip Tour in late September in support of his album, Let's Start Here.

Lil Yachty speaks on Drake’s ‘For All The Dogs’ not dropping tonight

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) August 25, 2023
Twitter: @ComplexMusic

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