Drake and Future Discuss 'What a Time to Be Alive' in Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Studio footage shows the duo is well aware of the hype and more than prepared to meet it.

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With What a Time to Be Alive just hours away from its certain breaking of the internet, everyone is practically drowning in hype tweets and misguided predictions. Will Drake best Future on the project? Will Future cap off a ridiculously great 2015 by besting Drake? Shouldn't everyone just be heeding the project's title by appreciating how truly great it is to be alive right now?



At any rate, Future decided to dump fuel into the speculation fire by releasing a pair of behind-the-scenes clips, including some noticeably confident sentiments on the sheer star power of such a too-good-to-be-true musical pairing. "We never, ever thought this would happen," Future tells Drake in the first clip. "This shit shouldn't ever have happened! Who let it happen? There's so many questions after history getting made, like, you can ask after this 'Who let this shit happen?'"

Though listeners may never know exactly who let this shit happen, it's most certainly happening tonight at 6 PM EST on OVO SOUND Radio via Beats 1.

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