David Letterman Hangs at Kanye's House in 'My Next Guest' Clip

The "wabi-sabi vibes" are in full effect in the latest excerpt from the Ye x Dave interview.

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Despite the usual conversational roadblocks mentions of that whole Trumpism thing bring, David Letterman's recently released hour-long special with Kanye West is a must-watch for fans, whether frustrated or unperturbed by it all. The My Next Guest Needs No Introduction season 2 premiere, in fact, isn't short on lengthy passages of inspiration, not to mention a refreshingly candid (and not medication-demonizing) discussion on mental health.

For those who've yet to catch the full experience, Netflix has let loose another clip, this one excerpted from the portion of the episode in which Letterman pays a visit to West's family home/minimalist paradise. We won't spoil the included highlights here, but do expect talk on Takashi Murakami-inspired design choices and the importance of "wabi-sabi vibes."

Catch the latest My Next Guest excerpt up top. For a rundown of seven key moments, click here, but only if you're actually going to watch the full thing for yourself. As a surprising interview bonus for all of us who were drawing parallels between West and Andy Kaufman a few years ago, the late comedian and performance artist's impact is also discussed.

Reflecting on the expansive interview with the Today crew earlier this month, Letterman said he was initially "frightened" by the opportunity, though any uneasiness was put to rest when he experienced Sunday Service.

"We went to it early in a sound studio in Burbank and it was remarkably spiritual," he said. "It was quite moving."

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