Chris Brown on Hypothetical ‘Verzuz’ Scenario With Drake: ‘I Know He’s a Formidable Opponent’

Chris Brown sits down with the 'Drink Champs' team for an extended 'Breezy'-promoting discussion touching on 'Verzuz' possibilities and much more.

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Chris Brown says Drake would be a “formidable opponent” in a hypothetical Verzuz scenario.

In a recent interview with Drink Champs, as seen above, Brown was asked (around the 54:32 mark) what his thoughts would be if he got the call that a “one-on-one” with Drake had been arranged.

“I mean, you know what?” Brown said. “That would be a formidable champ. … But you gotta think, when we go back to genres, you know what the consensus was? ’Nah, they don’t do the same music.’”

Elaborating further, Brown noted that he sings on about “95 percent” of his songs. He also again touted Drake as “formidable” while comparing their respective catalogs.

“I ain’t ducking no smoke but at the same time I know he’s a formidable opponent,” he said. “I know … that n***a got hits, just like I got hits.”

Later, Brown confirmed he had listened to Drake’s latest album, this month’s Honestly, Nevermind. This prompted Brown to specifically cite the 21 Savage-featuring closer “Jimmy Cooks” as one that he considered particularly “fire.”

Verzuz came up elsewhere, as well, including earlier into the interview around the 5:47 mark. As Brown explained, some fans have proposed the idea of him facing off against Usher. Per Brown, the idea represents a promising pairing for fans but is something that would “have to make sense” for both artists.

“They want me and Usher to do it,” he said. “It only makes sense but it’s gotta make more sense. I would want to celebrate him and his life just as much as celebrating my stuff. … I can’t act like he ain’t a pioneer, as well.”

See Chris Brown’s full Drink Champs episode—including more on Drake, as well as Michael Jackson—up top. Friday, Brown released his latest album, Breezy.

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