Maybe We're Not Getting a Cardi B and Beyoncé Collab After All

Cardi B sounded perplexed by the speculation, but did confirm that something with Kehlani is in the works.

Cardi B
Photography by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for TIDAL
Cardi B

Cardi B is poised for another chart-topper with Friday's arrival of the Migos and Nicki Minaj collab "MotorSport." For anyone expecting that star-studded track to be followed by an eventual Beyoncé duet, however, Cardi has some speculation-pausing news.

At Thursday's Power 105.1 Powerhouse concert at Barclays, where Migos first teased "MotorSport" for the Brooklyn crowd, Cardi was asked about the photo from recording engineer Michael Ashby that started it all. "Harper, I don't know that man," she toldBillboard. "I don't know him!" As for the rumors a certain screenshot started, Cardi doesn't understand the leap. "I don't even know why people are making those speculations," she said. "I don't know that man."


Monday, Ashby dropped a photo into his Instagram Story showing a track-in-progress with "Cardi B," "Beyoncé," and "Demo" in the name. Of course, Ashby's Story was quickly hit with screenshots and the Cardi B x Beyoncé rumors caught fire alongside this photo from September's Made in America festival:

Cardi B's debut album is expected to be released before year's end. As she told Billboard Thursday, she and Kehlani—who previously floated the idea of a collaboration during a Zane Lowe chat—are also in the beginning stages of putting something together. "We've been working on that," she confirmed.

As for when, exactly, we should expect the Cardi album to drop, that remains up in the air. Cardi discussed the seriousness with which she's taking her efforts at quality control on the Breakfast Club in September. "I'm competing with myself," she said.

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