Cam'ron Disses Kanye West on New Dipset Album

Cam'ron spends the entire third verse of "Intro: Stay Down" laying out his issues with Kanye West.

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The Diplomats' new album Diplomatic Ties, their first in 14 years, is out today. Within minutes of hitting play on the new nine-track album, you'll find an entire verse on Kanye West's recent Trump-aligning fuckery.

On "Intro: Stay Down," Cam'ron opens the third verse as an address to Dame Dash before laying out his issues with West, who he argues only fucks with you "when no one else is fuckin' with him." Cam'ron also mocked West's comments on bipolar disorder and referred to his former collaborator as an "Uncle Tom."

Here's the verse in question:

Dame Dash my man, he shootin' then I'm buckin' with him
They shootin' at us? Shit, I'm duckin' with him
But I had to be firm and tell 'em that Kanye only fuck witchu when on one else is fuckin' with him
He told me he was bipolar
I looked and said, "Bipolar?"
Don't be ridiculous, he wasn't in the mix with us
Bricks from Hamilton Terrace
He didn't take the risk with us
Ain't boil a coffee pot, ain't open the barbershop
Where we sold hydro at, where we pissed off the cops
The ones in the Taurus, n***a, he a tourist
Uncle Tom n***a know nothin' about this chorus

Cam'ron previously took West to task in last year's "Coleslaw," which also referenced that whole JAY-Z thing.

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West, meanwhile, has delayed his next project Yandhi multiple times following a marathon of MAGA-related disappointments. He was also slated to make a pair of appearances on 6ix9ine's DUMMY BOY album, which has also been delayed.

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