Bhad Bhabie Claims to Have Never Heard of 'Raggedy B*tch' Chanel West Coast

Only bhad things can come from this bhattle.

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Bhad Bhabie has some words for Chanel West Coast, a fellow public figure with whom she's probably going to collaborate extensively after this potentially multi-chaptered publicity stunt finally ends.

As anyone who reads important news on a daily basis will recall, Chanel mentioned Bhad Bhabie in her tub-set explanation video Thursday following that little club debacle. "You know, we've got Cash Me Ousside girls and people like that who act like complete fools and they get fame for it," Chanel said. "I'll be honest, I put a little extra on it and just spiced it up a little just to hype it up and get some attention, because god forbid I get any attention for being the normal, hardworking, kind person I am."

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TMZ, a publication I'm admittedly running out of ways to subtly diss when sourcing, caught up with Bhad Bhabie in Los Angeles Friday to record her thoughts on Chanel's statement before attaching the resulting video to an eyesore of a headline with an all-caps beef pun.

"I did not know who that raggedy bitch was an hour ago," Bhabie said. "I just found out who she was. I swear I did not who this girl was. Coming for me for what? If you're gonna come for me, at least make sure that I know who you are." Fair enough.

​Elsewhere in Chanel's tub video, she elaborated on what's required to achieve "fame" in 2017, and presumably 2018 too. "I saw a camera guy filming and I was like, hey, maybe if I act a little crazier, I'll get some attention," she said. "Because at this point, I think that that's what this world has come down to. I think the only way to get attention is to act like a complete ignorant fool."

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