Azealia Banks on Wendy Williams: 'I Would Love to See Her Die on Air'

Azealia Banks, who recently called off the release of her new album 'Fantasea II: The Second Wave,' has responded to Wendy Williams' assessment of that 'Wild 'n Out' incident.

azealia banks
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azealia banks

As you likely recall, Wendy Williams endured an on-air incident back in October. The TV personality, dressed in a Statue of Liberty costume for Halloween, collapsed in front of her studio audience before taking a quick break and resuming the show. "Everybody relax," William said at the time. "I'm doing fine, just need some water and electrolytes."

Now, Azealia Banks—noted non-fan of Williams—has publicly hoped for this to happen again. "OMG can Wendy Williams have another stroke on TV and finally drop dead?" Banks said in an Instagram Story update Monday, perHipHop-N-More. "I would love to see her die on air."


Presumably, this is a reaction to Williams—who revealed back in February that she has Graves' disease—chiming in on Banks' recent controversial appearance on Wild 'n Out. "I'm not familiar with her music," Williams said, in part. "I'm just familiar with her anger."

Over the weekend, Banks criticized Nick Cannon and the rest of the Wild 'n Out crew for subjecting her to "pre-planned colorist jokes," a move she says caused her to cry. She later "canceled" the release of her new album Fantasea II: The Second Wave

Earlier this month, Banks released "Treasure Island," the second single from the now-halted album. Back in April, she dropped off "Anna Wintour."

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