Australia Says Nope to Chris Brown's 'One Hell of a Nite' Tour, Denies Visa Application

Brown has 28 days to appeal, though Australia's recent attitude toward those with a similar history means success is unlikely.

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Professional Burger King owner and transphobic Instagrammer Chris Brown, also known for occasionally making music, just had his visa application to tour Australia formally denied by immigration minister Peter Duttondue to "character grounds." Though Brown legally has 28 days to build and present an official appeal, the chance of success for that appeal is profoundly low, as Australia's decision is presumably part of a larger and more focused nationwide stance against domestic violence.

"People need to understand if you are going to commit domestic violence and then you want to travel around the world, there are going to be countries that say to you, ‘You cannot come in because you are not of the character we expect in Australia,’" Michaelia Cash, the newly appointed women's minister, tells the Guardian. "Certainly, without pre-empting the decision of the minister, I can assure you it is something that the minister is looking at."

Earlier this year, Australia also denied entry to Floyd Mayweather due to his own history of domestic violence. Though Mayweather's trip was only planned to encompass a few dinner events, Brown had his eyes on bringing his extensive One Hell of a Nite tour to Australia. 

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