Ariana Grande Can’t Wait for Rihanna’s New Album Just Like the Rest of Us: ‘I Want It So Bad’

Grande, who says she listens to Rihanna's 'Anti' every day, also conceded that she gets "angry" when fans and others beg for new music.


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As you may have heard by now, Ariana Grande's two-hour Apple Music special on Wednesday was stacked with highlights, including some touching reflections on the legacy of Mac Miller and the revealing of an upcoming Doja Cat collab.

The interview featured a selection of music partially curated by Grande, with tracks from Miller and others sprinkled throughout the conversation. Eventually, the talk turned to Rihanna, with Grande sharing the highly relatable stance that her 2016 instaclassic Anti is worth constant revisiting.

"I get it, I appreciate it, and I'm really glad that she's putting in so much effort," Grande said of waiting for the new album. "It means a lot. But I also, really, I listen to Anti every day. Like, I think it's time. I need it. Sorry, she's gonna, like, hate me for saying that but I want it so bad."

Grande also conceded that she gets "angry" when fans and others do the same thing to her, i.e. beg for new music.

Later, Grande spoke on what she called "Big Diva Energy" and shouted out Tinashe, SZA, and other fellow artists.

"I love Tinashe because I know she produces, as well, and I always love seeing women behind the computer," Grande said. "That makes me so happy. And SZA, I love you so much! She's so sweet and so talented and I love that her writing is not formulaic. It's not a structured thing. It's not math to her."

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