6ix9ine Sued for Alleged Role in Snow Billy Shooting

6ix9ine was also sued earlier this month by Fashion Nova for entirely different reasons.


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Shane "Snow Billy" Hardy, whose name should be familiar to those who’ve been closely following 6ix9ine's legal developments, is now suing the Dummy Boy artist and two others in connection with a shooting that left him seriously injured.

TMZ reported Thursday that Hardy, who says he first had a falling out with 6ix9ine related to his Nine Trey affiliation, is suing the artist—as well as Aaron "Bat" Young and Jamel "Mel Murda" Jones—for damages in connection with the January 2018 shooting in Brooklyn. Both Young and Jones, as previously reported, have been sentenced to lengthy prison sentences after pleading guilty to offenses including racketeering conspiracy.

As reported in December by Complex's Shawn Setaro, Young believed he had killed Hardy during the shooting after firing at point-blank range and hitting him in the back of the neck. At Young's sentencing, Judge Paul Engelmayer described the shooting's seriousness in nature:

Your crime could scarcely be more serious. You shot a man, known as "Snow," in the back of a neck at nearly pointblank range. You did so premeditatedly. You did so with the intention of killing him. Indeed, you believed you had killed him. Soon afterwards, you bragged to your fellow gang members that you had, quote, "bodied" Snow, meaning that you had killed him... It was something of a miracle that Snow survived the shooting. But that is no thanks to you. It was your intention that die. And only through some combination of imperfect [aim] and effective medical service did Snow survive.

"[Young] played a recording and in the recording you hear Snow talking about how he wanted to have his cousins pretend to be police officers and kidnap me," fellow Nine Trey member and cooperating witness Kristian "CEO Kris" Cruz also previously recalled. "Then he said that he wanted to kill Mel Murda, a whole bunch of stuff. He said that he had to shoot him."

Hardy, as stated in Thursday's report, alleges that 6ix9ine himself called for the shooting to happen. In a statement to Complex, 6ix9ine's lawyer Dawn Florio said the legal team didn't have "any knowledge" of the TMZ-reported suit nor had they received it. Florio added that she's "looking into" the suit.

Earlier this month, 6ix9ine was sued by Fashion Nova for $2.25 million. According to the suit, he entered into a promo agreement that was never honored. 

The final episode of the Complex/Spotify podcast Infamous, which chronicles the 6ix9ine story with narration by Angie Martinez, debuted this week. Peep it here if you haven't already.

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