Premiere: Midnight's Greek Mythology-Inspired Track "Promethium" Is Pure Magic

"Total immersion into desire, danger, and vulnerability..."




"Promethium"—an unstable, radioactive element by nature—fittingly titles this sumptuous three minutes of multi-layered production and vocal wizardry from newcomer midnight. Starting with light instrumentation, crisp drum hits meet the mixture and cascade into an all-out, electronic symphony. In speaking with midnight on his overall creative process, we were gifted with surprising clarity: 

"The Prometheus myth revolves around his gifting of fire to mankind and Prometheus' endless suffering as penance for this treachery against the gods. His gift of fire both uplifted mortals and gave them the tools to their own destruction, and that story of fleeting glory in the face of probable demise inspired this tune. From the lyrics and melody, to ylxr's brilliant production, I wanted to capture flames, embracing that rush of exhilaration and danger until it can't be held any longer. The goal every time I write is to journey the full gradient of a moment; total immersion into desire, danger, and vulnerability."

Take a slice of this forward-thinking R&B exclusively below. 

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