Video Shows Ray J and Raz B Get Into Altercation Over Business Disagreement

A video was captured of Ray J and Raz B getting into a physical altercation due to a business disagreement regarding a TV show they're working on.

Ray J photographed in 2018

Image via Getty/Paras Griffin

Ray J photographed in 2018

Ray J and Raz B are at odds over a new TV series they’re both working on.

According to The Shade Room, the two got into a physical altercation on Sunday night, which the outlet called “minor.” TSR goes on to say that their tussle wasn’t something to worry about, and that “they’re both operating from a place of love.”

The two men were allegedly in disagreement over The Dosh Network’s show The Dosh Fightclub, on which Ray J serves as a producer and director. while Raz is a director at the network.

After watching footage from the series, both agreed that it’s extremely graphic, with Ray J saying The Dosh Fightclub is “bad for the culture.” Razy was upset, though, because Ray J apparently came up with the show and Raz doesn’t want to pull out because it’ll reflect badly on him. “If the company wants to put the footage out, what can I do if they pay for it?” Raz said, per TSR.

“My intention is to help at the end of it all, get all of those people help and guidance,” Ray J told the outlet, explaining that he wants to help the show’s participants.

Prior to the scuffle, Ray J spoke with TMZ, describing just how violent the show is, as it reveals personal information about the fighters’ lives, including substance abuse and parenting issues.

“It’s so bad. … It’s entertaining and that’s what people are watching. But The Dosh Fightclub could be so much more and I just wanna be a part of the cure and not the disease,” he said. So at some point, I’m either gonna have a big issue with Dosh and Raz B. … We’re not seeing eye-to-eye. I want substance behind the content. They don’t.”

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