NLE Choppa Says Ice Spice 'Probably' Changed Her Number Because of Him

NLE Choppa appeared in a new episode of 'The Breakfast Club,' where he responded “probably” when asked if Ice Spice changed her number because of him.

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It looks like NLE Choppa might have shot his shot at Ice Spice and missed.

The 20-year-old rapper shared on a new episode of The Breakfast Club that Ice Spice might have changed her number because of him. “Aw man, me and Ice Spice—we were just trying to make a song,” he said.

When Charlamagne Tha God pushed a little more, NLE responded, “I mean, she ain’t change it on me!” he said. “People change their number. Was I part [of] the reason? I don’t know. Probably. You never know.”

NLE was previously asked about sliding in Ice Spice’s DMs on The Jason Lee Show a few weeks back. He told the host he did “hit her personally,” but only to discuss music, per HipHopDX. “I don’t text her no more. She changed her number,” he added. “I watch from a distance…  She’s doing a lot of big things.”

Lee then joked about the two going to get vegan burgers at Kevin Hart’s new restaurant, Hart House, to which NLE said, “That’s if she wants to go.”

These interactions happened after NLE Choppa shared his “Ice Spice” song back in November 2022. When Ice saw him announcing the song’s impending release, she responded, “N***a feenin gotta play it cool.”

It seems like NLE isn’t having a ton of luck with the ladies. On the same episode of Jason Lee’s show, NLE also revealed that he has a thing for Meagan Good. Lee and NLE ended up calling the actress during the show, but she hung up—and at first, it seemed like it was on purpose. However, she later clarified to TMZ that she didn’t hang up but that it got disconnected because her mom called. However, she let the rapper know that, “He’s too young for me” but that she’s “flattered.”

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