Iyla has shared her new EP, Appetite For Disaster via 3T Entertainment, Astra Velum, and Empire.

The 7-song project boasts features from Benny the Butcher on the cut “Lost Me,” and Symba on the track “Impala.”

“I’m super excited about this EP,” Iyla said of the project in a statement. “I kind of have a trilogy of EPs, and this is the third before I move onto whatever’s next. The title is Appetite For Disaster, and what that title encompasses for me is the hunger of being an artist and what that end goal is; if it is an award or just having that satisfaction or having a connection with people and growing a following.”

She continued, “To me, being an artist in some ways is having an appetite for disaster: this impossible career where you pour your heart and soul out and you keep going.”

Both “Lost Me” and “Impala” have gotten the video treatment, with the latter’s visual arriving alongside the EP.

“I knew a lot of people talking about Symba in my music circle,” Iyla explained in her statement. “So we sent him the record and he heard it and we were texting about it, and then he really quickly had his verse. I think he was on the road at the time as well, and then I met him in person after the fact. He was just super dope.”

Iyla released her debut EP, War + Raindrops in 2018. The offering was followed by 2020’s Other Ways to Vent, which featured a guest appearance from Method Man on the song “Cash Rules.”

Stream Appetite For Disaster below.