The 10 Grossest Nas Lyrics

Nasty Nas tends to get pretty, well, nasty in his rhymes.

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Nas is, without question, one of the greatest rappers ever. He's always delivered thought-provoking, rewind-worthy lyrics in abundance. But, in-between his socially conscious, uplifting songs, there's a chance that you'll find yourself in the middle of what feels like a hip-hop version of a 50 Shades of Grey plot line.

Simply put, Nas has said some pretty weird shit. When scouring his discography to compile our list of The 50 Best Nas Verses, we ran across a lot of lines where he divulges raunchy, kinky, and straight-up bizarre sexual fantasies and fetishes. Fascinated by this oft-overlooked niche of his catalog, we took a microscope to his rhymes to find the quips that do his "Nasty" moniker justice.

These are The 10 Grossest Nas Lyrics. We suggest wearing protection.

Written by Tannis Spencer (@LaVisionary)

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10. "I squeeze nipples like pimples to get the pus"

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Song: "Nazareth Savage" (2004)
Album: Street's Disciple

This line is clever, but it's nasty that he's comparing a nipple and a zit; the two couldn't be any more opposite. At least it was an interesting way to be repulsive.

9. "Solar energize, mineralize food through my mother's tube/I'm covered in this thick layer of goo"

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Song: "Fetus" (2002)
Album: The Lost Tapes

If you want to re-visit what traveling through the birth canal was like, here you have it. This is even more uncomfortable than hearing it from your mom.

8. "Don't eat the pussy the first night/Make her bless you, we call that shit gesundheit"

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Song: "Dr. Knockboot" (1999)
Album: I Am...

That's definitely not what the Germans who coined "gesundheit" had in mind.

7. "And since I can't find her I guess I gotta make her/I creep in the night like a kinky undertaker"

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Song: "The Makings of a Perfect Bitch" (2004)
Album: Street's Disciple

Does this make him a necrophiliac?

6. "Daffy Duck-looking bitch burned me, correction/Urinary tract infection, what I got for no protection"

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Song: "Remember the Times" (2004)
Album: Street's Disciple

It's already awkward enough when your girl gets a UTI. We don't need to hear Nas rapping about them, too.

5. "Honey spreaded that asshole like a wide mouth bass"

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Song: "You Can't Kill Me" (2006)
Album: Hip Hop Is Dead

Fishing will never be the same.

4. "Alcoholic on toilets, I shit blood"

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Song: "My Way" (2002)
Album: The Lost Tapes

You might want to get that checked out, bro.

3. "I been on boats, nut down throats, pee on bitches who famous/Pretty dick, putting stitches in they anus"

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Song: "Let My Niggas Live" (2000)
Album: The W

Who knew Nas was into watersports?

2. "I had bad chicks that blow cum bubbles like bubblegum/Plus they ass lick, summer house be sipping rum"

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Song: "Nazareth Savage" (2004)
Album: Street's Disciple

If you bring one of those "chicks" home to meet the family, toss out their silverware after dinner.

1. "Used to run my bubble bath, tons of laughs, sexy chick/Nasty though, she used to try to eat my excrement"

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Song: "Remember the Times" (2004)
Album: Street's Disciple

It's interesting that said woman only tried to eat excrement, but never succeeded. How does that conversation go? Can you ever look at her the same again? Let's get a song about that.

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