Justin Bieber Perfects Biebs Brew in Hilariously Creepy New Tim Hortons Ad

In a new ad for Biebs Brew, Justin Bieber obsessively awaits for his french vanilla cold brew to steep at Tim Hortons' head office alongside his friend Pam.

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The Biebs Brew content just keeps rolling out. Ahead of the much-anticipated arrival of Justin Bieber’s latest partnership with Canadian coffee giant Tim Hortons, a new video shows the Biebs reunited with his culinary collaborator Pam. 

“Hello Pam,” says Bieber as the video opens while he painstakingly stares at a vat of Biebs Brew in the dark at a boardroom in the Tims head office. When Pam asks what he’s “still doing here,” Bieber says that his job isn’t done until he tries his new french vanilla cold brew. 

“That takes sixteen hours to steep before it’s ready, so we can, you know, call you back in 15 hours,” Pam says confusedly, as Biebs snaps back. “Yeah, not a chance I let someone put their lips on the Biebs Brew before this guy,” gesturing towards himself. “I’m a-staying,” he says setting up a travel pillow as he gets comfy in a desk chair. 

As Pam wishes Bieber a good night and turns the lights back out, Justin reminds her to “lock up” the office. He then tells her to “dream about Timmies,” and that he loves her. 

“I love you too… I’m glad you said it first,” she hilariously replies as she walks out. Before leaving the office, she presses her hand longingly against the glass walls of the boardroom Bieber is sleeping in, lamenting about how much he “really loves his Tim’s.” 

Eileen O’Connell, who plays Pam, said in an interview with Tim Hortons that she wanted Pam to be someone extraordinarily dedicated to her job, and that she’s a huge fan of Bieber. 

“While I was NERVOUS, the whole experience was really wonderful. Justin could not have been nicer, and he was willing to improv and try new things. We basically made up a lot of the lines you see in the commercial through improvising together and throwing out new ideas,” she says. “Justin is really funny! He cracked me up and he was incredibly generous with his time and encouragement. When I flubbed a line, he always said I was doing great and made me feel better.

“Our director was Justin’s long time collaborator, Colin Tilley. Colin was really cool and made us all feel comfortable. I was a fan even before I met Justin but, after spending time with him, I am now an even bigger fan and am so amazed by his kindness, generosity and talent.”

The ad comes after Tim Hortons announced a special edition Biebs Brew tumbler last week. Both Biebs Brew and its accompanying tumbler will be available in stores across Canada and the United States on June 6. 

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