Selena’s Father Files Lawsuit Against Cruise Line for Unauthorized Tribute Trip

Selena's dad, Abraham Quintanilla Jr., is taking on Catalina Classic Cruises over an advertised voyage paying homage to the late singer.

Arlene Richie / Getty Images

Selena Quintanilla Perez's father Abraham Quintanilla Jr. took legal action on Monday regarding his late daughter. Per his lawsuit against Catalina Classic Cruises, the company promoted an unapproved tribute to the singer. 

TMZ reports the cruise line posted a now-deleted event flyer with Selena's name written in bold. The poster promoted an evening boat party that featured an El Sabor Bueno band performance paying homage to the Tejano vocalist. In addition to the live band, the trip included an evening boat ride along Long Beach Bay.

The lawsuit accuses Catalina Classic Cruises of engaging "in the unauthorized and unlawful promotion, marketing, and sale of services and/or merchandise through or containing the name, identity, image, and depicted likeness of Selena and registered [trademark]."

Abraham Quintanilla claims the invitation deceived fans into thinking the company received permission from Selena's estate. He also said this is a repeated offense, as the business publicized a previous event using the icon's name. 

The lawsuit included a cease and desist letter to Catalina, requesting that it remove the beloved entertainer's trademarked name. The cruise line has seemingly scrubbed all instances of Selena's moniker from its social media and event flyers. 

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